summer’s end

New post up in recent projects! I’ve been out of school for ages now but some instinct still has me perking up and getting back to focused action with the start of September.

It seems that without any conscious decision I just took a summer break: threw down the anchor and cut the engines to dive into the crisp water and drift lazily in the summer sunset. Actually the imagery is literal as well as figurative, during a trip to the Finger Lakes in NY with a great group of friends I swam and watched a sky turn the colors of a perfect 70’s album cover. A pic of this moment can be found in inspiration/image.

Lots of long summer nights and celebrations have refilled my tanks and renewed communion with the community. It’s always important for me to remember the balance between action and relaxation. Doing seems to go better with plenty of Being. I can get better mileage with that tank filled. And now to set out again…